JAPANESE BEEF TATAKI – a simple, yet delicious traditional recipe


Chef Dai shows how he cooks and prepares Japanese Beef Tataki in the restaurant. This is a simple yet really delicious dish that has been a firm favourite among the customers of the restaurant for many years.
Beef fillet x 150g steak (other suitable cuts include sirloin, ribeye or any other soft frying steak)
red onion x 1/2
tomato x 1/2
grated daikon/mooli radish x 1 Tbsp
chilli sauce x 1/2 tsp
mustard cress x small handful
spring onions x 2
garlic clove x 2
ponzu sauce – click the link to see a full recipe (alternatively use shop bought) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XEKh4Ubwgc
ground black pepper
cooking oil
brandy for deglazing the pan (optional)

Tataki is a typical Japanese preparation in which beef or fish is seared on the outside, left rare inside, thinly sliced and served with a citrusy soy sauce known as “ponzu”. In this version, Chef Dai serves the thin slices of Scotch Aberdeen Angus fillet steak on a bed of ultra fine red onions. Its then served with slices of skinless tomatotes, mustard cress, chopped spring onions, momiji oroshi (grated radish with chilli) and salted fried garlic chips. The vegetables provide a lovely crunchy texture which complements fantastically well with the tender, juicy and succulent beef. The citrusy ponzu sauce is light and has a refreshing and clean after taste. The tartness and sweetness of the sauce balances perfectly with the saltiness of the beef fillet.

Thanks for watching everyone!!!!


  1. Why did he put the tomato in the sink :(. The sink is where dishes are washed, even if it was sanitized before hand I cant see how that is good practice

  2. even though I like my steak rare I don't like seeing the fat remain white in the middle like this. I guess I like to cook mine at a slightly lower temperature for slightly longer.

  3. Over complicated for a simple steak, nothing special about the flavour. A good grilled steak is better than this pretentious bullshit.


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