Marco Pierre White recipe for Steak and ale pie


Marco Pierre White cooks a traditional Steak and Ale Pie with Knorr stock


  1. Made it first time, great but didn’t role the pastry thin enough, still great .. Second time thinner pastry and left in the fridge for 24 hours before adding the pastry.. absolutely fabulous..

  2. Snowflakes who critique Marco for being sponsored by Knorr , who have no expertise, knowledge, or excel in anything other than taking up space. These snowflakes who in their little bubbles, in their twisted little worlds, in this vacuum void of any criticism, who never showcase their perceived expertize; are the loudest in their criticisms. Which is one of the reasons why Marco was right in handing over his Michelin stars. "Once you accept you are being judged by people who have less knowledge than yourself, then what is it worth"? Again, Marco's ahead of his time; he read the tea leaves!
    People who would shit themselves in a regular service, never mind a Michelin rated one talking smack from the comfort of their bedroom, is hilarious! This new generation who got their ego's stroked by mommy from birth and told how special they are, will be the end of us! But it is still funny to read how these hipsters think they know stuff from watching another hipster's you-tube videos or reading the NY times art and entertainment section while taking a crap on their toilet, is still hilarious!

  3. No wonder Gordon Ramsay was able to get ahead of him. He seems to have given up in the kitchen. Stock pots are decent for some people but if he has a cooking show it would be nice for him to show us the traditional way rather than the knorr way.


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