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I was very wary when I first came across this recipe – the combination of minced beef and cheese strikes me as a bit weird. But it actually works wonderfully and I don’t know why minced beef and cheese pies aren’t more common. They are very popular in parts of Australia and New Zealand, and they really are yummy!

A few people have asked where they can buy those pie dishes. This is an affiliate link to Amazon UK – these perforated dishes seem to have replaced the ones that I have: http://amzn.to/2sikOIv

The written recipe is here: http://keefcooks.com/minced-beef-and-cheese-australian-pie/


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  1. nice job on the pies mate(needs some bacon in there but), never been to NZ so if you cant get beef and cheese pies here(in Oz) how come ive eaten so many of them? cheers for sharing 🙂

  2. This aint AUSTRALIAN pie my friend….Its a Kiwi classic….When in Australia never found a pie thats as good as pie from New Zealand…lets talk real now ya…Mince and cheese pie , thai chicken pie, pepper steak pie, etc etc….BP gas stations make awesome ones …. dont know why and how 😉 …..

    Cant deny, they do look beautiful….now stuck in america and cant find anybody who can make a pie as good as this from east coast to west coast… I miss those pies 🙁

  3. You know your going to get shit when you put NZ and aus in the same tittle. But yeah steak n cheese and mince and cheese are a nz thing not Australian just like the Pavalova and the rasberry lammington! Goes down to local bakery and gets a steak n cheese and rasberry lammington! Yum my favorite.

  4. i prefer steak and cheese. its exactly the same but made with cubed steak instead of mince. Im a baker by trade and we made em back in 86 when they became popular in nz.

  5. Australia doesn’t make mince and cheese pie !! You can’t find mince and cheese pie anywhere in Aus unless it’s by a kiwi or homemade !!! Facts straight please auz try’s to steal everything from nz

  6. Great looking pies keef, thanks for sharing the recipe, i have looked everywhere for the pie tins you use but can't find them anywhere, can you enlighten me as to where i could buy them.

  7. Im an aussie who loves a good meat pie, i have em on my work breaks nearly all the time, but never heard of just the beef and cheese pie ahah. I might have to give em a try

  8. Very nice video Sir! Do you have any advice for preventing the cheese to get burnt and stuck to the inside surface of the lid? Thank you very much


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