Pan-Grilling Thin Steaks : Steak Recipes


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Pan-grilling thin steaks is something you can do right at home anytime you’d like with the right tools. Learn about pan-grilling thin steaks with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jackson Lamb
Bio: Chef Jackson Lamb graduated from the State University of New York at Delhi State College in 1973.
Filmmaker: Jackson Lamb

Series Description: No two steaks are created equal, so you always need to make sure you’re following the right steps during preparation to unlock the flavors that you so desire. Get tips on a variety of different steak recipes with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video series.


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  2. Everybody is going nuts about the temperature. I've been cooking steaks at home for many years and they always turn great, I like them medium rare. For cooking steak no matter what type you need your pan to be really hot, meaning the oil or lard you are cooking with needs to start smoking when you add the steak then you let it sit for a minute or a minute and a half and turn it. After you turn it, turn the heat a little bit lower than it was and let it sit less than a minute.
    A hint for the beginners, add only a little bit of oil or lard into your pan.


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