Pan Seared Butter-Basted Steak


Chef Keoni shares how to make the perfect steak simply seasoned with Hawaiian salt, pepper, butter and herbs. Visit for the full recipe.


  1. if I go to a decent restaurant for a "beautiful T-Bone steak" you can be damn sure I want it left on the bone, look how much juice is left on the board, that's flavour too!

  2. Grilling is so over rated these days. Been having old black skillet pan seared steaks for years and it's the best way. Only thing missing for me in this recipe is thin slivers of garlic cooking in the butter……..Letting the steak sit is key also, most people go from the grill to the plate and start cutting it too fast.

  3. Beautiful steak. I've been using this technique for awhile my Grandma always fried steaks on high heat with a cast iron pan. I use the butter but never have tried the thyme. I always buy strips of ribeye & cut them at 11/2" thickness. Nice video thank you.

  4. I tried cooking a steak like this and I was criticized saying why do i drown the steak? (turned out to be good though specially on cheap cuts), Time to show this video. Thanks Chef!

  5. I've seen pretty much every steak vid out there on YouTube, and this is the best one. Why am I only seeing this on my feed just now? Awesome video and amazing looking steak. Not only do you guys get to live in paradise, but you get to eat steaks there that look like that. Unfair.


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