Pepper Steak ~ Quick & Easy Recipe


Here is a very quick and easy recipe for “Pepper Steak”, also referred to as “Green Pepper Steak”. Great flavors! I cooked this on my new Disc-It. If you are interested in a Disc-It for your self, you can find them from their website here:

The Video Gear I use:
Main Camera_1: Canon HF G40
Main Camera_2: Canon HF G30
New Camera for special shots: DJI Phantom 4 Drone
Still Photography:
Still Photography Lense:
Underwater camera:
Main Mic:
Shotgun Mic:
Audio Recorder:

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  1. I just subscribed today. I've watched about a dozen of your recipes (videos) and every single time my mouth gets to watering! Can't wait to start cooking! Thank you Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine!

  2. Great video, nice recipe, I'm sure its delicious!
    Just a little commentary on the nature of a stir fry: traditionally stir fry is done at very high heat very quickly. You wouldn't want to overcrowd the pan as much since you're in effect creating a braise/steaming type of cooking. I looks like that burner can muster the btus though so it might be worth trying hot and fast. The meat and veg getsa nice color and can create a nice crust similarly to a well seared steak. Work in batches. My 2 cents. Great vid as always.

  3. i guess it's just preference but once you added the tomatoes it went south for me. Cooked tomatoes to me is more for a stew. Great dish otherwise 🙂

  4. I have been watching your videos lately man, all of the recipes look amazing, mouth watering. another great video. Just subscribed!

  5. Hey buddy been awhile. You been doing ok? You been fishing much….. Been watching ole juanelos vids. He is the best. I love fishing vids lol. Anyways almost crawfish time. I wanna see a vid of you crawfishin… Putting in my request lol… Take care my friend. Now i gotta go and catch up on a few vids of yours..


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