Rib Eye Steak Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


The BBQ Pit Boys show you the “tips and tricks” to help you easily serve up the “best steak anywhere”, the Rib Eye Steak. What makes the Rib Eye #1 for many? The Rib Eye steak, or ribeye, also known as the Delmonico or Scotch Fillet (Australia), is a beef steak from the small end of the rib roast. When the Rib Eye section of the beef is cut into steaks, it is one of the most popular, tender and juiciest steaks available. This is because the meat from the rib section is tender and fattier or “marbled” more than most other parts of the steer. This extra fat makes Rib Eye steaks and roasts especially tender and flavorful. The Rib Eye steak is usually served bone-in, particularly at high quality steakhouses -the extra moisture and fat alongside the bone enhances the flavor. So get yourself some 1 to 11/2 lb and 11/2″-2″ thick Rib Eye steaks –and then go “fire up” that BBQ grill of yours -it’s time for some real STEAK On The Barbecue.

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe and 100’s more at http://www.bbqpitboys.com/recipes/item/403/rib-steaks-and-beef-sauce


  1. hot damn those were some beautiful steaks man! what was the name of the second song on the video? great song for a sunny workin day.

  2. I use the finger thermometer to test my steaks doneness.  I let my steaks rest a bit so the juice stays in the meat and not on the board.

  3. Man, if you can't watch this and end up hungry you're not human! Am I a bad person for linking this video to vegetarians and vegans? hehe


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