Seared Steak with Browned Onions & Blistered Serranos


Can you handle the heat? Rick Bayless makes skirt steak tacos with chiles torreados (blistered serranos) that pack a flavorful punch, while browned onions provide a rich, sweet counterpoint to these speedy tacos.


“Tacos Everyday” vector illustration by kostolom3000/


  1. So great to see that you are back sharing more great taco recipes as well as cultural and culinary wisdom! I have prepared many of your Taco Tuesday offerings for my family and friends and i always get the same reaction. People are just blown away! I always respond by saying, “YouTube”, “Rick Bayless” , “Taco Tuesday”! Great stuff chef! Thanks for sharing,

  2. .26 “rest assured.. if you’re not gonna go to a Mexican grocery store.” -Yes, rest assure. After all, why support those stores?

  3. Hey Rick, as I mentioned before I have been to one of your restaurants in Chicago. I love the passion you have for Mexican food. Muchas Gracias Don Bayless.

  4. Rick, do you currently have tv show? If so, whats the name and where does it air? I watched all of your One Plate at a Time episodes, until I no longer could get PBS.


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