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812 calories per meal
41 grams of fat per meal
50 grams of protein per meal
60 grams of carbs per meal
13.4 grams of fiber per meal

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glass meal prep containers:

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  1. it is a well balanced meal and looks very tasty. however I feel 800 cal per meal with high fat as well as high carb is not that healthy? :S

  2. With all the cast iron skillets that you have. How do you store them? My cast iron collection is 4. Including a pizza cast iron pan.

  3. Hey!!! It looks so delicious!!! If I make this without the sweet potatoes?! How many calories do you think this meal would be?

  4. As good as the meals look. They could be SOOO much better for you. And its simple! I mean I wont share because people tend not to like everyone going on about their diet but if anyone wants to know a better way to eat healthier, just let me know. I mean this guy is closer than many …actually most people but still not there. Sorry, I am in no way trying to put down this mans beliefs or tell him he is doing it wrong…just saying there might be a better way to go about this. ENJOY THE VIDEOS!


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