Steak Roast and Brown Rice in the Slow Cooker | Large Family Recipes


As a large homeschooling family, I have to give serious thought to what we are going to have for dinner if we plan to be gone for a good part of the day or the part when I should be making dinner.

On this day, we were heading out to go bowling with our homeschool group. My family still has to eat though and so these are the days when I really and truly appreciate my kitchen “servants” that work for me. You’ll see that I use two slow cookers for our dinner on this particular night. See the full large family recipe here on large family table

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  1. Jamerrill if you want a roast to die for: 4 lb Chuck roast, one packet of beef au jus, one dry packet of ranch dressing, 1 stick of butter, and throw in a couple peperoncini peppers. (the vinegar in the peppers tenderizes the beef. Don't go overboard with the peppers, I did once, and the meat was too spicy/hot for my taste) Cook on low all day, 10-12 hours. You may have to double this for your tribe. xoxo

  2. Great video ! Thanks for sharing …. I've never done brown rice in the slow cooker ! I don't have an instant pot either …. I just got a new slow cooker , cause our older one was heating the food way to hot ! Didn't want to chance it , with a possible fire ! I will be getting an instant pot , hopefully this summer , but as of right now it's not in our budget ! I love your videos …. I always look forward to seeing them ! Thanks again ! Have a great day , and God Bless !

  3. easy and delicious burritos~ make your same beef roast in the slow cooker but add some peppers and onions. When its done take it out (with the veggies) and shred it up, dump out any liquid from the slow cooker, put the meat/veggies back in and add a regular sized jar of salsa (one per roast). cook another 30 minutes or so on low to heat everything up. Serve in tortillas with toppings, my mother in law from arizona callled these chicano burritos.

  4. I've never done rice in the slow cooker before, I'm going to try it out now as it's hard watching so many pots on the hob and usually rice is the thing I neglect. Keep the meal ideas coming can never get enough of them xx


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