Tips for Grilling the Perfect Steak | How to Grill


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  1. Hi. I'm using a vintage open charcoal grill I got on Ebay, and restored. It has the half hood with rotisserie, and I got a grill basket to use. Last weekend we had the best ever NY strip steaks cooked rotisserie style in the grill basket.

  2. You only touched on slipping. I learned a long time ago from watching Bobby Flay to only slipped at once. You only flipped it when your steak doesn't stick to the grill. It has worked for me quite well. The same goes for pork chops.

  3. I'm not a real big meat eater (my husband is so I like watching meat dishes to make him) but I have really been craving steak recently. This looks amazing.!!

  4. Great info about the type of steaks and grilling, thanks! Love that you give so much info concisely!!!

  5. This makes me so hungry. You are so amazing and I will definitely come back to this video if I ever make steak.


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