Ultra-Rich Rib Eye Steak Recipe


On this week’s Dude Food, John Stage of Dinosaur BBQ shows you how to make a pan-seared rib eye steak finished off with a special barbecue-infused compound butter and a surprising twist. Check out the episode to see how to make this manly, meat-y masterpiece. Subscribe for a new episode of Dude Food every Tuesday: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

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In today’s episode of Dude Food, John Stage of Dinosaur BBQ shows you how to correctly prep and cook a rib eye steak in order to get the most delicious steak ever. He then shows how to make a special compound butter that is a must for any barbecue cook and finally brings the two elements together in a recipe that is seriously luxurious but supremely simple all at once. Try this great steak recipe at home and let us know what you think in the comments below.

In each episode of Dude Food, we share tips and recipes for manly, mouthwatering foods from burgers to barbecue chicken to a salad a dude would be proud to serve his buddies. Subscribe to see a new episode every Tuesday!


  1. This "recipe" gave me aids. I'm going to the butcher shop and buying the fattiest ribeye possible to make up for this sacrilege.

  2. Cook sous vide (with thyme, garlic butter, corse salt and crunched black pepper) for 3h at 123f with all the fats. Remove excess liquide, quick sear then remove the fat.
    You will never be the same!

  3. WTF! You removed the best part! Where are you that some hippy fag is sending a ribeye back because it has fat? That's what a ribeye has! Holy shit! I stopped watching and two thumbs downed when I heard that! Will not watch this channel. That is in no way whatsoever dude food. Dudes don't whine about fat!

  4. It was bad enough watching him tear the fat off.. but watching this hack defile a ribeye with Tabasco and barbeque sauce made me see red, what the fuck man?

  5. that fat you just cut off is what gives the meet flavor it also contains certin fats and other proteens that melt in cooking and help make the steak more tender. you no nothing about cooking

  6. Nice job,john.Looked wonderful n i bet that tasted awesome.Funny reading the comments from the computer chefs,cant please em all!

  7. Looks really good…Could use a little more sear on the first side.But that's a good med rear and the butter and garlic takes it to the next level..

  8. What a waste of a good steak! really removing the fat? who gives a fuck about the people who don't like it! If they don't like the fat then don't eat it my God people always find something to complain about and you're touching everything with your dirty ass hands after touching the raw meat genius way to cook! Nice to see that you don't care about health Sanitation


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