VEGAN STEAK, CHIPS & PEPPERCORN SAUCE | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley


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Hey Guys, This is episode 5 from my season 4! VEGAN GRILLED STEAKS!!!!!!!!!!! Serived with the classic garnishes chips, roast tomatoes, salad & peppercorn sauce!!!!!!
I am really pleased to share this recipe with you, It took a lot of time to perfect but literally over the moon with how perfect the finished ‘steak’ is! You can freeze the steaks once they have come out of the broth. The steaks can also be cut up and put into casseroles, pies & stir fries. You must give these a try!! Thanks for watching Gaz.

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  1. OMG, I have just made for a friend and we both loved them. My meat eating friend said they were as good as real steak. I think this is my new favourite dinner! Thank you for the recipe.

  2. Can't wait. Was starting to become a little bored with my eating, and think seitan may be a game, no, life changer.

    Is it possible to griddle the steaks and then reheat in the oven? I'm going to bring these along for Christmas, so just thinking logistically.

  3. I can't wait to try this!! Thank you!! Btw, just spotted, on your website, your recipe for the peppercorn sauce is missing the stock in the ingredients.

  4. Hey @avantgardevegan, could someone just eat them after they are boiled, without needing to panfry? I'm thinking to have a chicken like soup, but don't see it nessacary to remove it from the boil, only to panfry, back to boiling.

  5. I just made this and have some suggestions to improve the flavor if you’d like 🙂

    I’m based in Australia so some ingredients may not be available in other countries 🙂

    When I made this dish, ingredient to ingredient, proportion to proportion I had a few issues with the flavor. The consistency of the texture was perfect yet the steak itself I found quite bland. I had spent 15 mins kneading it so t was kinda like a ufc war haha.

    What I did was add non-dairy butter to the broth mix along with cayenne pepper and some beef style stock powder which is vegan.
    I sautéed this broth mix alongside grilling my steak and it added quite some flavor. I also suggest cutting very thin pieces if you want the steak to cook properly because mine looked like an eye fillet lol and the central parts at times were a little undercooked.

    I believe next time when I try this, I’ll use gaz’s Christmas gravy as my wet ingredients and add some wet ingredients from here such as marmite, lot more porcini mushrooms, wine and more onions. Miso is really good but at times can redivert the flavor. I’m thinking of adding spring onions and some crushed celery as well to see how we roll.

    But trust me run the broth mix in a sauté with a tsp of vegan butter and cayenne pepper beef style vegan stock powder (1tbs)
    And add it to the steak when it’s close to cooking and sizzle it 🙂 you all will enjoy

  6. Just made this for dinner. It was really lovely. There was too much cayenne in it IMO so next time I'll halve the quantity (maybe my cayenne is just super hot!). Got several steaks to freeze and can think of lots of things to do with them for future dinners. Another success from Gaz.

  7. You are what I been looking for! I been waiting my husband to go vegan and now I know I can get him there with your recipe. I can’t wait to receive your book. Please keep them coming… books videos and all!

  8. Gaz you are amazing! Such an inspiration. I've watched your videos with my almost 10 year old son and he loved it so much….now he wants to get cookin' like you. 🙂 Keep inspiring us! BTW – I've pre-ordered the book. Cheers!


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