10 Stocks to Watch for Stock Market Beginners


Today we do a stock market for beginners video discussing 10 stocks to watch. These 10 stocks are the kinds of stocks you want to look into when a beginner in the stock market. Enjoy!
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  1. Pepsi is underrated, i use to visit the States to check out the gas station business.. pepsi products use to sell out and had to get refilled twice a week $$ they have all the drinks.. brisk, starbucks frapuccinos, Gatorade, 7up..

  2. The problem with all these stocks are that they are so expensive ! I cannot even afford 10 shares on each stock now . Unless you want me to buy 1 shares for each stock etc amazon or apple. You will need deep pockets to buy all these blue chip stocks

  3. No mention of GE General Electric . Stock at below half the 52 week high. With Baker Hughes deal unpopular and top execs bleeding millions from it. Its my pick


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