(2018) Stock Trading Strategies: Basic Terms Of Trading Penny Stock For Beginners


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In this video, we cover the basic terms of trading penny stocks for beginners.

Many of you usually spend time searching for best stock trading strategies.

In today’s video, you’ll learn the penny stock trading terms regarding going long or going short.

Going long means that you can bet on stocks going higher, in the hope of making a profit because you bought it at a lower price, therefore you’re going long.

Going short means you can bet on stocks going lower.

These are some very, very simple basic penny stock trading terms.

Going long, going short, penny stocks, breakouts, breakdowns, short-term, long-term.

You should understand the basic terms and strategy for trading penny stocks because most traders lose money.

Most investors don’t make very much.

Most people think is impossible.

It’s not impossible. It’s improbable, and you need to know the basics to get good.

So let’s watch this video and learn the best lessons from the millionaire.

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  1. Hey, I’m 16 and I’m planning on starting to invest into stock this summer. Right now I’m just learning as much as I can. I was wondering how I can become one of your students. I want to start investing because I look around and I see my classmates always “saying” their future is going to be amazing but nobody is working in an intellectual way!!! I’m going to be 100% honest, up until now I’ve been extremely lazy in school and in life in general. How did that change? Well I’m in yearbook and we took a field trip to Dallas Texas, and one night we were eating at an Italian pizza place outside and I looked up and around. As I looked around myself I gazed upon the beautiful sky scrapers. At on of the towering buildings I noticed there was some event going on in it. I saw many business men waiting outside for their car while others were inside the building conversing with other business men while sipping wine. That led me to turn to my teacher and ask him “how can I end up like them?” My teacher responded by saying “by getting involved in business or real estate”. Fast forward to a week ago, that’s when I decided I wanted to act on that moment of “enlightenment” that I had. I want to be successful for not only the sake of me but also for the sake of my kids that I’ll have in the future. I want to set up a strong base for my future kids to build off of and grow even bigger. So I’m begging you to mentor me throughout my life and career. Please

  2. may 10 you uploaded. Now I am learning About penny stock. Please tell a example that how you did penny stock when you was started. I mean your experience about it. We beginner….we don't know how to start omg ??


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