5 Huge Mistakes Stock Market Beginners Are Making


Today we do a stock market for beginners video and talk about how beginners in the stock market are making 5 big mistakes. These mistakes cost beginners in the stock market a lot of money, time and energy. Avoid these stock market mistakes at all cost.
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  1. I watch almost all of your videos, and enjoy the content, but don't you already have 4 other versions of this same video with even the same title?

  2. "50% air 50% water…technically the glass is completely full."

    I couldnt listen to a word until i figured out what that tshirt said lol

  3. Another great video, really enjoy your content. Your insight and ability to explain solid trading practices in a straightforward no nonsense way is appreciated. Take care!

  4. Jeremy what kind of performance do you look for in the stocks in your portfolio? A certain percentage gain per year, or 5 year yield?

  5. a little confused with number 1. you said dont listen to anyone, do your own research.. but dont u literally sell a course on your investments (and i assume to help poeple follow your advice). i dont take your word on everything, and i love your vids on stock analysis, but your clearly someone making 6 figures (maybe more) from stocks. if someone was mimicing your stock moves, wouldnt they make money in the long term?


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