Buying Your First Stock – Stock Market For Beginners – How To Pick Your First Stock


A simple guide about buying your first stock in the stock market in 2017 and 2018.
I show easy examples of stocks you can buy for your first stock pick.
Stocks like Google, Amazon, Apple, Coke, McDonald’s, and Proctor And Gamble.
Including examples of stock brokerages like Robinhood, E-trade, and Scottrade.
Stock market basics like what makes a safe stock, and what stocks are best for beginners.
Your first stock pick should be in a company you believe in.
For your first time investing, look around your every day life, what’s the best stock based on that?
These stock tips will help guide you into picking a nice first stock in the market.
Investing in that first stock will mean your money will grow for years to come.
This is the best way to pick your first stock as a beginner.
Once you’ve picked one, you can do research on earning’s reports, and stock quotes.
You can become a millionaire over time from this first step into the stock market.
Use all these tips to guide you through your first experience investing in the market.

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  1. Great video Monk! More people need to get over the hurdle of getting started with investing. It's a life long thing, and the earlier you start, the better you will end up.

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  2. Thanks for the video as a Canadian I appreciate it.
    Quick question do you convert your Canadain founds to us when buying us stocks? Or you buy with Canadian dollars ?

  3. I️ agree with your outlook on this. People get too caught up in the reports of companies but at the end of the day the culture that a company has and it’s brand penetration in the market is just as important as the earnings report if not more important


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