Canadian Marijuana Stocks 2017 & 2018 – Basics You Should Know (For Beginners)


A good read for people who are new to investing
A somewhat basic overview of Canadian marijuana stocks and everything that you should know about them before you start buying. The timeline, what you should expect, and some of the companies that will be players when everything comes into place. Let me know if these sorts of videos are helpful, I will be uploading a few more in the future.

A link to health Canada where you can see which companies currently have their licences


  1. I think lot of people are missing the boat. Buy LOW, sell HigH. In late 2018, look for Northern Green in Ontario. Why? Im in construction, these guys are building massive grow operations..for half the cost of the big guys. They are not buying other operations at inflated prices. They are obsessed with purity and quality, and have over engineered their grow operations to fight contamination. I’ve built the mechanical systems I’m talking about. Ive bought in before they do an IPO(small amount), but value wise, keep an eye out for these guys. Cheers

  2. Great video bro! Please can anyone help me out? I very much want to capitalise on Canadian Weed stocks but I am in the UK, any idea of any platforms to invest in it over here? I can't seem to find any unfortunately.

  3. Great video. thanks. and no you're not rambling…pretty much hanging on ur every word, so like you say it might seem obvious for you, but for novices like myself, it helps me understand a lot. so again…keep it up and thanks!

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  5. Hey I wanted ask a question, in your opinion, would you go with canopy or aphria. Canopy owns practically half of the Canadian market but they are expensive in terms of stocks. Aphria stock is lesser than copy's and their CEO is from jamesion labs( 21 years experience). Which one would prefer buying.


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