Ep 146: 12 Common MISTAKES Beginners Make in Stock Trading


Ep 146: 12 Common MISTAKES Beginners Make in Stock Trading

Making a mistake when you first start trading can be both disappointing and discouraging.

I’ll let you in on something that I’ve learned throughout my professional experience- no one knows exactly what to do when they start out in the stock market for the first time. However, there is a way that you can avoid these mistakes.

One of the best things you can do to elevate your trading success is to learn from the mistakes of those who have already gone through the trial and errors of all the beginning stages.

In this video, I will share with you a handful of common mistakes that beginning traders make so that you can learn how to avoid a wide range of mistakes ranging from inner game to outer game, underestimating the ease of the market, and creating bad trading habits.

#1 believing that the market is easy to make money
#2 having no plan of action for each trade
#3 having the wrong habits
#4 emotionally tied to a stock
#5 not taking profits into strength
#6 holding on to losers
#7 averaging down your position incorrectly
#8 using excessive leverage
#9 trying to save a position (compensating in new positions, trying to short it, etc)
#10 following people blindly
#11 looking at the short-term instead of the long-term
#12 not investing in yourself

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  1. Okay, its official, I'm a fan. Thank you for all the knowledge Sasha! What are some of the common ways day traders organize and track their trades? If I'm remembering it right, you had a video about a web based service a bit back, but I'd prefer something offline. Something about having all my trades i.e. financial information stored on a website seems strange to me. Any additional advice for creating a trading journal is welcome. Otherwise, thanks again!

  2. bollinger bands, regression channel, fractal trendlines, not giving away any more, lol, all help, get on train in the same direction as it's going and get off earlier than most, that's not easy.. Also can hedge, so oh no my reits, well buy REK, short the reits, done that few times now, pity got out too soon though, should held. And why you, as you talk now, about those going bust, why you, erm, do not go all in, if go all in and apple went down and went bust more fool you. got to be careful. Nothing wrong with being attached, plenty on seeking alpha love O Realty Income, chance you take, investing, cool. If you trading, like think you mainly only on about then yes you are right…. :). but spread your risk… no good being all in one or two companies only, sure riskier. Anyway interesting stuff, and like listening to your level head on these things. Can always pick up odd tid bits, but learned a lot else where and through my own experiences.. Never do margins, never do long and puts, just buy…. Do at right time, and mostly works out ok :).

  3. i disagree with some, take WDC, terrible, came right down, now right back up…. Investing long term, different from trading. Otherwise I agree, that's the trouble when I see advise like this, similar to this online. Often people arguing on stockwtits or else where… I always think the person, like you in this instance should clarify that. If investing for 10 years or more, not so much a problem, people that say lost all my money is nonsense, because if had it all in bear sterns in 2008, whenever it was, yes, but if in many companies like me, chances of all them going bust, well, be end of the world practically. Otherwise yes I agree. Trying to trade more, instead doing what done last couple years since started in April 2015, making 90%, why cause i hold and average down and always worked, only ever lost small bit, likely 5% actually, cause I chose to, morally, did not like that stock anymore etc. But now I am trying to say buy and sell half or more and let rest ride out. My trouble been day trading it, instead swing trading. Take TTEC, doing nothing, finally got tired, sold for few bucks, shot up higher, lol. always the same, if I hold, seems to go down, and if i sell it shoot up more. But I'm not a greedy person for one. For two, well, made something, and so, you know, learning as I go, and putting my new system in place and back testing and knowing the stocks that give me 80 to 90% chance that when I buy goes up next morning etc. My trouble has been patience and discipline, lol, two of the biggest things one needs in stocks that's for sure.

  4. Been listing time u. Have some knowledge in Trading Stocks. I do Virtual Trading . Trade Navigator Plat form. Did real money but never been profitable. Want to start with 500 dollars . I want a short term life style of 2000 extra a month to make up for my living expenses. I work a full time job. Want to trade options. I a little about them. Can u be my Mentor and r we able to talk on phone. Like to know a little about u. I live in Pennsylvania . I took some classes on line. Can u help me please.

  5. HI Sasha. You are putting out really great training videos! Thanks for that. Question: Can you point me to a lesson video specifically on how to take profits into strength. I get the main concept (sort of) but I'm hoping to see specific examples of how this technique is executed. Thank you.

  6. I was always told that you must wait for your target to hit and not takes profits right away because eventually ur risk and reward is what will make the difference. Now you say take profits. Lets say buy 100 shares of x stock witch is trading at 20. i will be risking 1 to make 2. Wouls you wait to hit target or ull take 1/2 of the position as soon as you are making profits ?

  7. I have been trading for 15 years and lot of what you are teaching is what I had to learn the hard way. Well done and keep up the good work!


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