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How I learned to day trade in the stock market using ToS and Robinhood. Learning from Day Traders and Swing Traders.


  1. Hey bud a member in our group shouted you out for making a great intro video. I want to thank you personally for labeling me and my YouTube community as a useful channel. In your opinion what are some areas of opportunity for our channel to provide more quality content for advanced users? We have 30k members with in our group and it's no surprise a majority of them are new traders. Just wanted some feedback and to wish you good luck on your venture!

  2. Mr Frank Robert is the real man in terms of trading Iq/Binary option and Stocks Forex trade, i owe him much gratitude since that's one of the least thing i can do to appreciate the things he has done for me. Most of us have tried alot of methods but we keep missing it because we have no guide, Meeting Frank has helped me make almost $35000 usd monthly, indeed you are a God's sent to me.

  3. cant wait to get robinhood in Australia… banks and brokers here are still ripping off consumers at min 10 dollars a trade! its pure robbery

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  6. The first time I traded stocks, was back in the eighties, with MetaStock. I tried Forex a few years ago, with MT4, MT5 and cTrader. These are the best and most powerful trading platforms, and are free. I don't understand why you repeat over and over and over about your broker-provided software being free. It's SUPPOSED to be FREE. So they can make commissions from you. They get these huge site licenses that cost them next to nothing. You should have highlighted that. Unless, of course, you're being paid to plug your broker in your videos. I am aware that some brokers have special software they rent to you – that's just another scam to make more money from you.

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  9. OMG.. STOP AND DELETE THIS.. Videos like yours costs me many years to find the real trading.. Stocks are not working because you drawing some lines. PRICE, TIME and VOLUME are the Magic words.


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