How To Buy A Stock For Beginners | Stock Market 101


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  1. Just a clever idea: you should totally get a couple Techbuds T-shirts printed backwards, just to wear during your videos!

  2. Ricky I made it bro! Better late than never! Had a really busy day, but I'm feeling really good about my positions this week with your help so I can step away and not watch the markets on a slow day. You help me so much in so many ways sir πŸ™‚ and happy birthday to your dad hope you enjoyed some well deserved time with him. πŸ™‚

  3. This is just a personal opinion and let me say that I appreciate Ricky and his efforts in giving information but the videos are MUCHHHHHH too verbose for the content in it. In this video here the actual meat of the content can be condensed to within 5 – 8 mins instead it goes on to 20.

    The only other video I watched is the tutorials video that ricky was doing with his sister. Again a very informative one but muchhhh too long for its content. It basically needed just a) application set up info b) Terms explanation ie bounce and resistance and average (or standard deviation)or gradient of a curve which any high school or more maths student would understand fast. c) how to use that info having obtained it on a graph. Instead the video went on to 3 times that time. Just my personal opinion and maybe helpful..

  4. Hey there Ricky! I wasn't sure if you were aware, but if you join this trading platform called Ustocktrade, it is a trading platform that basically allows retail investors to day trade as many times as they want without an account that is greater than or equal to $25,000. If you are interested, I just uploaded a video on my channel that explains it a bit further. Hope this helps!

  5. You should go live again today. I was just opening my robinhood and coinbase accounts so I was busy when u went live

  6. Great video. I like the averaging up and not down. Is there any situation that you would ever consider averaging down? I.e. fundamentals look good but the stock is "on sale"? I haven't done either one, I'm just curious.

  7. One Of Your Best & Informative Video's This Year! Thank You Ricky.
    & Happy Birthday To Your Dad, May God Continue To Bless Him!!

  8. Iam now 1 of the 125k sub wait 2 monds and u have 1 mil bro make more girls pick up vids i that is funny to look hahahaha


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