How To Invest In The Stock Market For Beginners (74 MINUTE LECTURE)


As a stock market beginner, it is important to learn the basics of investing in the stock market. In this 74 minute lecture, I will be providing an introduction to the stock market that should be easy for a complete stock market investing beginner to understand. This lecture is one of seventeen parts of my Stock Market Mastery Course. This course is designed to help a complete beginner learn how to start investing in the stock market.

Learn how to invest in the stock market…
Stock Market Mastery Course:

Here are just a few topics covered in my Stock Market Mastery Course…
1. How to invest in your first stock
2. Steps to take before you start investing in the stock market
3. Investment strategies for beginners
4. How to open a stock trading account
5. Different ways to invest in the stock market
6. How to begin investing in the stock market for the first time
7. How to earn compound interest through the stock market
8. The basics of technical stock analysis
9. Studying the fundamentals of a stock investment
10. The psychology of the stock market
11. How to analyze sectors and industries
12. What stock market indexes to pay attention to
13. How corporate action can impact a stock
14. Taxes associated with a stock market investment
15. How to create a diversified stock portfolio
16. What to look for in a stock
17. How to turn a profit in a bear market
18. The best sites and resources for investors

The books I recommend…
#2 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Mindset):
#3 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Happiness):
#4 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Investing):
#5 BOOK I RECOMMEND (Tony Robbins)

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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  1. Great job Ryan! Really gave me a solid understanding of the market when I had very little knowledge going into watching it. Thanks for the free preview.

  2. Ryan, I think your videos are very informative. Could you please discuss the Capital Gains Tax and how it affects investment profits?

  3. Hey man, this is an excellent and informative video. I've been a subscriber for quite some time now and I learned a lot from you. I'm still learning and new, but when I get a chance I think I'll take a bite of that course. Got high hopes for you.

  4. 48: market capitalization , does it apply in bitcoin? because it has the same concept but there is no company

  5. Great Video , Really Interested in the Mastery Course , But it seems a bit too expensive tbh , going to check it out from time to time maybe you will drop the price.

  6. Great :many people are too lazy or can't understand the work of Benjamin Graham, you made easy for them. Great work mate !!:::

  7. I know I wasn’t part of the pilot group, but have some feedback for you, Ryan….

    You should insert a transition slide to break up the content when you go from topic to topic. You should also introduce some questions to give the audience a chance to process some of what you are teaching.

    With the presentation format as it is now, it’s great content, but way too many words coming at us with no pauses.

    Thank you for the preview, Ryan. Great start!

  8. I was also in your "group" for investing but I'm wealthy because I wouldn't fork over that cash. Sir, I can see how excited you are about learning this and how your world is changing as you learn but you are literally reading out of books I got for free from the library as well as information you can google. I realize you put time and effort into this as MANY PEOPLE SHOULD IN COLLEGE but selling this as something revolutionary is ridiculous. I literally laughed as you listed many plots to my favorite movies as WARNINGS. Yeah, Boiler Room was good movie and so was Wolf of Wall Street but life isn't a movie and a real investment advisor would have HIS ASSETS DISPLAYED for TRANSPARENCY and so that the person could see YEARS OF RETURNS and history as well as make sure that there was NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.


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