How to Trade Options: A Beginners Introduction to Trading Stock Options by



An introduction to Stock Options trading. This webinar is intended to give Beginners an introduction to options trading and basic education information.

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  1. just watched this whole video and i have no clue at what ur talking about . this is for people who already know about options not beginners

  2. So selling puts means youre bullish right? (cause buying puts = bearish so selling puts should mean bullish) how is this different than buying calls? if the difference is that you dont need to buy 100 shares per contract if trade goes south in calls then why would you ever sell puts instead of buying calls?

  3. Quick question,
    as we know the brokers are mainly two types in Forex, namely Market Makers and ECN, is the same thing in option trading? or all the brokers are ECN?

  4. You switched gears too quickly. You went from first to third. You started explaining "Puts" without telling people the meaning of them. It would have been better had you explained what a "put options" are before using it to explain why you are using it. You buy "Put Options" to protect your investment from big loses. Also when you say "flipping the premium". It would help if you explained the meaning of a Premium. This class is for beginners. You can't assume ppl know the terms unless you tell them the meaning. Your videos tells us how you are doing it without explaining the terms and phrases.

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  6. This author said: My Style Short term, mostly day trading… OMG, that sentence is wrong on so many levels. Good luck whoever try to do that you need it, lot's of it

  7. Paper trade doesn't work. How can you teach somebody to ride a bicycle sitting in a classroom? If you want to learn something do it, study and do it with the money you can afford to lose, learn from the mistake and do it again. Business or investing in fact almost everything, but if you do not have real money on the line you won't feel the pain and you won't learn anything.

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  9. I wish i could triple thumbs up this video!!! This is THEE best explanation of options that ive seen. The concept of calls and puts finally clicked! Thanks Chart Guys!!!

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  11. Hi. I am new to options. So let say if the stock does went up , I have the call option in hand and the expiration date is approaching , now I could either sell the contract or exercise it, right? If I decide to exercise it I would need money to buy the stock , it that correct?

  12. Question: At 9:20 (mins) you speak about a daily balance of $5K to trade options. How do you come up with this number? Is it just an example? And which trading platform? Do all trading platforms provide 5 option trades per day up to a $1k Minimum? Please clarify as that is confusing to me.

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