How To Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners

344 – Learn Exactly How to Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners from a Millionaire Trader! Learn how anyone can get started, regardless of their background and experience!

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  1. If you have 20.000 students betting half their account on a single trade some are bound to get really lucky and become milionaries. All the others just lost their accounts multiple times.

  2. I grew my account going all in and I just won a shit lots of money with spi I was in with 1.02 bucks average after the RS sold it for 2 bucks

  3. Laugh at me but I am starting out with a $10.00 account. I plan to make that a hundred and then a $1,000. Getting my feet wet on this Craft. Any advice?

  4. "If you're blind and deaf and can't see the signs" LOL I just learned how to spot trading patterns because of crypto currencies now I'm looking into penny stocks because I need more volitility.

  5. Can you buy and sell on the same day? This is my problem right now, have schwab account but I need help here. Need advise here, thanks.

  6. thank you for putting out yet again another great video I have a question and really anyone who knows can answer I'm having difficulty after creating my watchlist because I tend to create watchlist that are coming from different time frames some of them day charts and some of them intraday and so on so as you can imagine having to bounce back and forth between the time frames can be rather difficult. how many stocks do you recommend a beginner watch in his watchlist and is it true that you want to watch them even if they're not throwing good signals right away just continue to watch them throughout the day? Or if I don't notice anything quick just bail on it and move on?

  7. every video starts off by saying "small accounts, starting with $500 or $1,000" and everytime it reminds me how broke i really am. FML

  8. I love your video, it makes perfect sense and I am just getting into Trading. you don't have to but the house but you definitely have to reinvest and build your bank! I'd rather have 35% of $100,000 and 35% of 1000


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