How to trade stock options for beginners


Option Trading for beginners live training webinar replay.

During this webinar on Stock Options trading you will discover:
– Why option traders have a unique advantage over stock traders
– Why trading stocks is more risky than trading stock options
– You will learn the secrets to growing a small trading account.
– How you can control expensive stocks like Google, Amazon and Tesla for a fraction of the cost.

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  1. The course is roughly 600 dollars time to create some tutorials and get rich $$$$$. Over 200% inflation in almost three years. Not to mention the revenue from Youtube.

  2. This is the best time to buy calls and puts at the same time since the changes are drastic. You earn money if the changes is drastic (up or down). However, you will loose money if the change not drastic enough to cover the premiums.

  3. I pay 197.00 as this video shows, that offer is not longer available on your website. Let me know if you want to help this poor guy.

  4. Nice . Get at me anytime please very interested in doing options just started. Could use some advice…. in this tough couple days…. had NFLX and ADBE on call for tomorrow. I’m anticipating a little bounce back Tomorrow, but it’s been stressful. I’m very smart , and eager to make money. Talk to you soon. Good video.

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  6. Thank you for blessing us with this video!

    I'm very new to option trading and finding hard to understand how option trading goes about plus even some of the terms that option traders use. Thank you for simplifying everything and make it easy for beginners like me to follow!

  7. Great webinar, I am building my Etrade account while I learning options. Thank you. If your course is priced competitively I will enroll. You style of teaching is easy to follow.

  8. 49 min. 100 shares of Tesla gaining $50 per share is $5000. This equals the return of option trading. However, you are very unlikely to lose all the investment with stock. But you’ll risk losing all your investment on options. Better return = higher risk. There are just no other way about it. But thanks for the video, explained to me what option trading is: an insurance or lower cost gambling.

  9. I was confused at first. thinking that stocks and potions are different entities. When you introduced PUT of $3.00 of the XYZ example I did not connect the PUT to purchasing the stock. When I connected purchasing the stock and purchasing the PUT for insurance purpose I understand it. I hope I understood it correctly. Thank you


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