Indian Stock Market Basics For Beginners –


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This video talks about origin and purpose of stock market. Why we need Stock Markets? What does it have to offer for a Retail Investor and the power of long term investments when done right.

Some Basic Fundamental Analysis points explained.


  1. Thanks for the video. Its really helpful. I have some stocks which have been kind of stagnant for quite sometimes so I want to know when to exist? is there any strategy? funny thing is whenever I sell such stocks the price starts going up.

  2. sir seriously I will tell u that I'm big near I want to invest and play in a daily basics so plzzz help me out what to do ? And how to do ?

  3. that made some things clear for me, but i still feel like i need to know a lot more! i wanna start on stock market, but i don't wanna go there with no knowledge at all. the video was informative thank you!

  4. Hi manikandan, to be honest, i like this video so much it make sense about shares as a beginner but i want to know the best 50 companies which you prefer. I am an accenture employee, they are providing 15 to 20 percentage of discont i guess, do i want to take share on that…

  5. Hai Sir, Im viewing ur videos from 4 days onwards which is damn useful for beginners like me. Is there any number to contact u personally nd i want ur book name art of stock investing also

  6. ive completed my ca inter. what are the job opportunities available in this field. are there any important courses that can be done to secure jobs in this field. please explain

  7. I am new in this field, I heard that I should buy share when it is in low price and should sale when the price is high, my question is, why someone would buy that share when the price is high ??

  8. to be honest i m 18 years old and i m damn interested in all this. the down side what i feel is i live in india and the ass of a education system gives no info about how to do all this! i had invested in dollars well it gave me alot of returns! then i invested in gold! i collect my birthday money and the childish funds and i have started to invest in gold. i want to seriously invest in shares. i know i cant expect returns in sort period of time. i need to know how to do it from where to do it? i have to begin from somewhere. so plz do explain that type of ground 0 basics..


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