Options for Stock Market Beginners!


Todays video is about options for stock market beginners. The stock market for beginners can be confusing, and stock options are about the most confusing thing in the stock market. I hope this video help you in understanding options.
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  1. what happened if you are deep in the money in a call opinion and there no volume do you have to wait until the contract expires before you get the money?

  2. Why would I be denied options if I make too much money and know a lot about options? Is it because the brokerage doesn't want to waste their time trying to swindle an expert?
    Why would I be denied options if I make minimum wage and know nothing about options? Is it because the brokerage doesn't want to waste their time on someone who they can't squeeze money out of?

  3. Hi Jeremy, great video, I understand how to perform stock options trading now that I've watched, but I still don't understand where the money comes from (or goes to in the case of losing the option).

    Who owns the share you're buying options on? If you lose, who does your money go to? If you win, who does it come from?

    Thank you

  4. Ok, but how many stocks did that person buy?Just 1 stock at $185? Is the premium applied to all the stocks a person buys? So if I want to buy 1000 stock in a call option, and I decide to pay a premium of $4, would I be paying $4,000 to be on that contract?

  5. Thanks for the help. I am going to be getting in small as I'm brand new to this and your help is greatly appreciated. I'm a little nervous about getting in at record highs but this is something I want to learn.

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  8. Thanks a ton, very informative. Could you please make a video of walking the newbies STEP by STEP how to make the 1st trade and how to choose the stock option.

  9. Very good explanation of the basics. I am a little confused on the amount of money you would make if the option was successful. Like when you say, you double your money, do you mean you double the premium that you paid? Anyways great video to learn the foundation of options. Will do more research. Thanks

  10. You have a good channel. Thanks for shating your indights with us. A minor area of improvement in your delivery: I noticed you use the word "guys" quite often, almost as a filler word. Just be mindful of that. Look forward to your future videos.


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