Philippine Stock Exchange Guide 📈 For Beginners| How it works


This video will teach you a lot about stock exchange and will answer how do you earn in stocks, what do you need to start, is it complicated and do I lose my money in stock exchange. If you are a beginner, this will help you understand how the stock market works and how to jump start getting in to it.


  1. I was planning to skip this video and proceed to the complicated ones but decided to view this, though. It's just nice to remind myself of the basics. This would be the video that I'll share to my friends because it is very understandable to those who have no idea about the stock market.

  2. very informative videos sir, as a trader & investor is it ok to combined the PCA and STUPITOT stocks in 1 trading account, i am using BDO NOMURA?

  3. Hi, you have been very professional and decent in your preesentations. Keep it up. If possible, avoid saying bad words. So far, this is the first time i heard you say 1 bad word and you cringed when you did, which means that you were uncomfortable when you did say it. Thank you, Lloyd!


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