Stock Investing Lesson 1 – What is the Stock Market?


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  3. Whos wealth did the communist chinese leaders end up with? And those poor teamsters. How could the market of have lost ½ its pension funds value? ''C.D.'s and a saving account'', oh and land. is the way I did it.

  4. I have never really invested or traded stocks simply because if the fees. With the robbinhood app I have began to buy as little as 1 share and as many as 30. what do you think about buying 1 or 2 shares with no commission fees? GE, PAYPAL, DISNEY, 1 share each. Ford 10 shares, amd 6 shares. is this a micro scale of a rich mans portfolio? I'm in it for learning.

  5. Thank you so much for this video!!!! I really want to get into investing and building my finically portfolio. Why didn't I know if this video back then? It would've helped me so much back then when I was in college!!!

  6. I'm new to this and want to start to do this type of things someone help me out what do I need to begin with and how do I do it ?


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