STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNERS! 📈 15 Core Investing Principles


In this stock market for beginners video we will be talking about the 15 core investing principles that you as a stock market beginner need to know. These stock market for beginner investing principles separate the successful investors from the unsuccessful investors. If you follow these 15 core investing principles you are on your way to being a successful investor.

Stock Market For Beginners 15 Core Principles
1. Look at the market as a pendulum.
2. Successful investors buy from the pessimists and sell to the optimists.
3. Successful investors make money when they buy.
4. Wall Street excitement is not sustainable.
5. Never pay a price that exceeds the value.
6. There is always a risk that you will be wrong.
7. A stock is a piece of a business.
8. Value does not determine share price.
9. Stick to your core investing values no matter what.
10. Ignore Wall Street noise and do your own thinking.
11. Be patient. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint.
12. Be confident and know your investment.
13. Do not behave like the market does.
14. Make rational decisions.
15. Plan trades off market hours.

These are my 15 core investing principles. I recommend you follow these as a stock market beginner. Please share your stock market for beginners investing principles in the comment section below!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

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  1. Hey Ryan, this is a great video for beginner investors like myself. I'm trying to do a lot of research and reading company's annual reports and basically understanding the businesses that I would like to put my money on. But I do have a few questions I hope you can answer.

    1. Can you elaborate on parameters guarding value of a stock? Is a value of a stock based on your own qualitative analysis and belief in that stock? Or are there measurable, quantitative parameters that we should be looking at and go, hey, that's a stock of great value.

    2. How do you know if a stock is overpriced? In order words, when the cost of a stock is higher than that of value?

  2. Hey ryan, good points of advice. Love the content,BTW I was hoping if you could elaborate the 15th point a bit further. Maybe through a short video. Thanks in advance, waiting for the next vid

  3. Can you do a video explaining how you calculate the value of a stock? Like where do you get the information, what information you use and how do you think about it and what calculations you do with it and determine what price you’re willing to pay for it.

  4. Key principles: Buy undervalued companies with low debt and consistently increasing earnings. That is the key idea when it comes to equity investing, but for the average guy it's hard to reach such quantitative conclusions and to be diversified .For anyone under 25 with little finance knowledge at present it would be best to just go with 2-3 ETFs one covering emerging Markets equities , one covering the SandP500low cap stocks and put the remaining 10% in a corporate bond ETF. And just dollar cost average bimonthly until retirement, if anyone needs more advice drop a message

  5. Ryan, I have been watching your videos and as a beginning young investor I have learned more in 20 videos then a life time about stocks, bonds, mutal/index funds. My question to you is I am in the saving stage. No debt except a house in CA . The market is a little overwhelming at the moment and I am unsure where to buy. My gut tells me wait for lower prices to get the value I am looking for, but it sounds like jumping into a index fund for the long term is pretty safe investment.

    Where do you make your trades?
    Should I save and wait for the next recession and keep my cash liquid not tied up in real estate?

    I know these are general questions and slightly vague, but CA real estate is insanely priced at the moment.

    Keep it up strong, support for life

  6. Can you please do a video on why beginners should stay away from penny stocks or why penny stocks are garbage companies to invest in 99% of the time. I see way too many new people get into investing and think because they don't have too much money that they need to get cheap penny stocks because they think having a lot of shares will equal higher profits. Lot of new people get burnt on penny stocks starting off and then never try to invest again.

  7. Hey Ryan do you think you might do a video on the ethereum mining causing Gpu prices to triple? Idk if it's anything to do with your channel. Cause It's like bitcoin.


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