The stock market can be overwhelming for beginners. How to find the right broker, what stock to buy, where to look for, what is a price to earnings ratio, how much to invest, what if stocks fall, when to sell, when to buy, how much cash and many other questions have to be answered. However, that takes time and in the video I discuss the first 15 steps an investor has to take for successful stock market investing. The videos is perfect for those who start investing in 2018 as the market will be different than it was in the past.


  1. Great Video again, congrats!!
    I've just share with my friends on Facebook.
    (I really hope my 'bitcoin non-millionaires-friends' use this for good)

  2. The place from where I order silver is out of stock (gold too)… I am taking this as a hint to the limited real supply of the physical stuff… interesting things can start happening this year. 🙂

  3. Ciao Sven, great video… as usual.
    Can you suggest a few brokerage accounts for us, poor europeans people, and italians in particular 🙂 ? Thank you in advance.

  4. 42 years… where did you come up with that number 42? This is the most legendary number if it is inspired by Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy? LOL

  5. This information is not new for me. But… Only if I knew and understood this 10 or even 5 years ago… I don't complain about my life, but I would be more prosperous. Good job, Sven!

  6. Hi Sven, Which book would most recommend. I am not a total beginner but I want to learn more about fundamental analysis and investing in general. Thanks for the videos, they are part of my daily routine now. Scott

  7. I've actually followed your advice before you ever made this video. After owning a bunch of stocks, im seeing which ones work for me and what doesn't and how much risk im willing to accept.

  8. Its called pound cost averaging . You buy low and sell high. The market is no different from that . All stocks are weighted on Risk. Cheap money for some . The problem is central Banks want to raise Interest rates. Why to feather their own nests. Most High Street Banks don,t borrow money from you and me. They purchase from the Financial Markets have stringent lending practices.


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