1. What the frig Scribner? You made a negative video about GE yesterday, then everyone on Wall St watched it, then it tanked (a bit).

  2. I thought day trading rules only apply to a margin account.. a cash account is not locked out how many trades you can do in a day.. at least that's how it works on Robin Hood

  3. Hi Ryan I'm no longer working for LA County and need to transfer a 401k to another option can you suggest which would be the better company Edward Jones is after me big-time. By the way do you like Edward Jones? I'm in New Orleans by the way if that matters.

  4. Ryan, thank you for the Cash and Margin Accounts breakdowns! Is the Robin Hood app' a Cash or Margin Account? Thank you again for the videos; Great job!

  5. Can you do a video on how to read your account statement? I just saw mine from Robinhood and apparently I have a margin account? I've always bought through my cash or so I thought


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