Stock Market For Beginners || How To Invest In Stocks 2018


This is a very basic introduction for anyone interested in investing in the stock market! Share this video with someone who wants to learn how to invest!

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5. Security Analysis –

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  1. and most important thing is to understand fundament of accounting 🙂 great video. wish Robinhood soon gets web. Which free stock did you get from Robinhood ? Groupon or Energy? must be less than 5$ . any study for coins ?

  2. Very solid advice Nate, I agree. I wish I followed this when I first started haha. I will say you learn with experience and it's a better investment than a savings account! Nice video, straight to the point 🙂

  3. Nice Quick Video & Great For New Investors – Listened To It While At The Gym.
    Brent, Investment Videos 388/1000 Subscribers Goal!

  4. Hello. Do you recommend buying gold and silver stock? What about crypto coins ? Are these risky? What about investing in foreign companies? I think the USA big market crash is coming soon. How can we prepare? How would the Canadian stock market would be affected If the USA market crashes? Thank you.

  5. Really good vid, Nate. I still can''t believe Robinhood has no commissions/no minimums… that is wild. I wish we had something similar to that here in Canada.

  6. Thx for the info. Really helpful stuff 🙂
    Do you know any books, websites, videos etc about day trading? I would like to get into that.

    Also is it possible to start trading with less than 50 dollars?

  7. I started my first year of investing last year. Had to figure it out all by myself. The biggest step for me was opening an account.

  8. This is a powerhouse of a video! You were able to pack so much information and actionable advice into a relatively short video! I will definitely be sharing this video around, keep it up Nate!
    – Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
    Subscriber Goal 150/250


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