Stock Market For Beginners HUGE MISTAKES I Made


Today we do a stock market for beginners video on huge mistakes i made in my first 6-9 months in the stock market. I had no clue how to buy stocks, how to sell stocks prior to 2008 so it was all new.
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  1. Any experienced investors who see this video I would love to know what your biggest mistakes were when you started stock market investing! Thanks!

  2. I actually know of a person who bought Monster (energy drink) when it was a penny stock. Before it was even named Monster, he made a couple million.

  3. one of my mistakes was trying to make quick money. in the beginning of 17 i bought 1 share of about ten different stocks and they all went up and day or swing traded with the rest of my portfolio, would've made a lot more if i just invested and didn't try and trade. i tried penny stocks also that didn't work for me at all.

  4. Dont focus on penny sticks. Get about $500 and trade stocks from $3-$10 until you’re making thousands and can go up to $30.

  5. My worst mistake and first mistake was Sirius before the XM merger. It was the first stock I ever bought. I bought 500 worth and thought I could just let it sit there. I never checked on it,nor opened my mail.. I was young, didn't realize there were monthly fees, didn't read the fine print when I signed up..when I logged in 3 years later, I learned  E trade actually sold all my shares without my permission to cover the maintenace…lesson learned

  6. That "Head" guy = Timothy Sykes… I began learning stocks through him, and lost a decent chunk. He turned me off of the stock market for the next few years. But I'm back in with more realistic goals, focusing more on the fundamentals, and doing great in 2018 (but who isn't).

  7. I'm 22 and I want to say what I did do from your video as a beginner who started 1 month ago.

    First of all, I would say that I didn't look for penny stocks knowing how much trouble it could be. But I did read a lot of articles written by others so I guess I should stop that. But I think that articles written by newspaper are still all right, right? I will start looking for information more in depth for my futur stocks.

    Next, I did have a plan for the first two stocks I wanted, but I did not follow them since they made REALLY good gains (100% and 20%) and it was what I wanted. I think I was in a way lucky but I don't like that feeling… You know? The feeling of relying on luck didn't please me at all… It even making me stress since I don't want to be a bad investor…

    And that's about that for my first month in the stock market.
    I have A LOT of improvement to do and you really are making me think about my own actions. You pointed out some big problems and thanks to you, I will keep those in mind.

    You're a great guy and make great contents, thanks for your hard work !!

  8. Been trading in the stock market for only 2 months now. I studied and read up for a year though before putting in a dime. I took a leap on a penny stock and put in $400 on it sat on it for a month and a half and had a 112% gain on it. Sold half of it, and it dropped back down a bit. Bought more of it when it went low and its climbing again now.

    I originally started out with $900 in my portfolio. Im at $1,600 now just from gains. I know its not realistic for me to keep these kind of gains in only 2 months. But its an interesting first exposure, figured I'd share. Haha.

  9. I am actually writing a kindle book outlining my first few months in crypto investing. And, I can confirm. I made every single mistake you are referring to.

    Reason I am writing this book is to help better educate people who are wanting to get in crypto.

  10. Just wanted to endorse financial educations private stock market group. I got in for a month to learn about options. Took the 12 courses on options, free with the group. When in December I decided to buy into INTC, intel, I said let me put this knowledge to good use, I put 1000 into the stock, and bought a slightly out of the money call option for a year out thinking that the stock will increase in value over time. Then 2 days ago Intel reported earnings and the stock went up 10 percent now I have that 10 percent gain on the stock and made a real nice return on the call which I sold at the hight of the market on Friday,
    no need to be greedy. Thank you.


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