STOCK MARKET FOR DUMMIES 📈 How The Stock Market Works


In this video I will be breaking down the stock market for dummies. This isn’t to say you are a dummy, but I want to explain how the stock market works as simply as possible so a complete beginner can understand it. In the first part of this stock market video, we will be discussing what a share of a company is, what an IPO is, how investors influence the perceived value of a share of a stock.

There are numerous sources of information out there on the stock market for dummies. Unfortunately, people generally sell the stock market as a get rich quick scheme or a way to lose a lot of money. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. As a beginner, the stock market can be very intimidating. But it is not this scary or magical place people label it as.

The next topic in this stock market for beginners guide is stock analysis. Investors generally utilize fundamental or technical stock analysis. Dividends are also something to consider when getting into the stock market. I will explain what a dividend is and whether or not the share price of a stock affects the dividend price.

Many beginners do not realize this, but as a stock market investor you own a piece of each company you invest in. As a part owner this gives you voting rights. In this stock market for dummies video I will explain your voting rights as a shareholder, how companies can sell different classes of shares and what a board of directors do for a company.

As a beginning trader, you want to consider the volume your stock is trading at. Low volume or small cap stocks can be harder to sell because you may not necessarily have a buyer when you are ready to sell. This is a common stock market for dummies mistake!

At the end of this stock market for beginners video, I will tie it all together and explain how all of the pieces of the stock market work together. I hope this stock market for dummies video helps you answer some of the questions you have about the stock market.

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  1. Where do you get information on which to vote? Such as electing a director to fill a position on the board? Those names are total strangers to me and I know nothing, so I've been throwing my ballot away. Ideas?

  2. im a 12 year old kid and when i watched this video i started to learn alot thanks bro I've made because im a noob and now ive made 100 in like 3 days

  3. I liked the simple explanations u had. I belong to multiple trade groups and will share ur link in them for all the newbies , the only thing that I didn't completely agree with is labeling the downtrend as fear. That's not always the case. Especially in the short term. Once there is a certain level of sell off, the initial fear, imo a lot of the afterward sell off happens cause stop losses are being met without the investor even realizing at the time until they look at their positions, so if it's just a temporary sell off that's a point to make a lot of money since dip buyers will come swoop up shares. I just to wanted to give viewers another view on how sell offs happen. Are you primarily a long term, swing or momentum day trader?

  4. Great video, thanks! It is really for dummies and explained in a way I think anyone can understand. I have a question, is it possible to use both fundamental and technical analyses or is that unheard of? Which one do you use? (I plan to get your book but want to finish your videos first).


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