Stock Market Investing for Beginners 📈 5 Things You Must Know


The stock market can be intimidating for beginners. I’ve pulled out 5 of the most essential things you need to know in order to make money in the stock market…

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0:56 – #1
2:10 – Actionable advice to buy low and sell high
3:44 – #2: Understand Taxes
5:19 – #3: PPS does not = Value
6:01 – How to find the market value
7:25 – #4: Learn to Research
9:07 – Resources to help you research
9:46 – #5: Tune Out the Noise
10:52 – Summary

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5:01 – – Where to Find Stocks with 100%+ Return Potential
7:32 – – Investing vs Speculating
8:13 – This video will be out tomorrow!!!
9:08 – How to Analyze Stocks (playlist) –
10:23 – – #1 Mistake Investors Make
10:43 – Blog Post about Tuning Out the Noise –

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  1. All great advice. Especially if you are younger, try to develop a long term perspective. It will help to tune out the day to day noise that can trigger emotional reactions and trades.

  2. Really enjoy how you're putting this together, maybe we should do a collab for my course that I recently began on my channel, really like your work in general and hope to see more from it!

  3. "Buy Low Sell High" May be generic but still to this day so many people "Buy High and Sell Low" I will never get it. You have to take emotion out of investing! Great stuff, Stephen!


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