Top 10 Mistakes Stock Market for Beginners!


In this video we talk top 10 mistakes for stock market for beginners. These mistakes are made by so many new investors investing in the stock market. Many wonder how to invest or how to invest in the stock market, but few care about the mistakes you can make. This is all about mistakes in the stock market.
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  1. I'm not gonna lie I like to watch videos like these but I didn't like to click on your videos bcuz your thumbnail looks childish sometimes but you really know what your talking about

  2. Meditation is a great way to improve emotion-regulation, I practice it daily before doing mathematics and it clears the path. This might help for investment too.


    THAT'S WHAT HE DOESN'T TELL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great video! Number one mistake i see beginners make is broker fees eating their profits. Example if someone has an account with online discount broker they should be putting no less than $500.00 towards one stock. If a person uses one of the big bank brokers they should be putting no less than $1000.00 towards one stock. Example if the broker account is with a big bank and you have only $500.00 the broker fees will eat around 4% of your profits or if you sell a stock with a 4% loss you actually will have around 8% loss because of the broker fees. You can buy stocks with less than these amounts but say goodbye to lots of your profits from broker fees.

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  6. Great point about not piling all your investable cash at one time into stocks. There's no better way to learn investing than by actually seeing real money at work or waking up to your stock down 15% overnight lol

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on the beverage/snacks stocks DPS, KO, PEP and the future prospects of these three competitors. Have you tried the DPS newest acquisition Bai drinks? Delicious

  7. Hey Jeremy, I'm sure you get hundreds of comments a day, but as a follow up to this video, could you do an overview/walkthrough of how to read and understand the fundamentals of a 10-K? I am very interested in learning more about stocks and want to expand my portfolio in a sensible manner, but I just cannot wrap my head around these things. I am lost just diving right into 150+ pages of a report.

  8. As a canadian, I was wondering if Americans look at some TSX stocks? I have some American and Canadian stocks. Maybe an video idea


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