Top 3 Stock Newbie Mistakes 📈 | Philippine Stock Exchange Guide


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This video will show you the top 3 mistakes that a newbie in the Philippine stock market makes so you can avoid it. This will also tell you when to buy stocks. I hope this will be very educational for you people who are planning to start investing in stocks.


  1. hello lloyd my name is richard i live in bohol do you happen to know a good broker in tagbilaren i am a US citizen with a permenent resident card im looking to make some kind of income on a beer income im retired.

  2. Hello pasagot naman po ng tanong ko, Magkaiba yung investor at trader diba? ano yung mas dabest don sa dalawa?

  3. Hi,
    I'm a Filipino student living overseas but someday I plan to return.
    I'm quite young only at Year 12-16y/o can I start trading in the PSEi?

  4. Thank You Very Much, i learned a lot. Nag aantay lang ako ma aprovan Application ko…. Starting 5k palang po. Okey lang Ba yon.?

  5. Hi I'm only 20 years old, is it possible if I'll just do investing only for 1 company, like I'm saving money every month. and will not trade?

  6. Don’t trust brokers. READ,READ,READ. it’s your hard earned money, don’t let someone decide it for you. Study the stock market, be patient, it doesn’t matter how long it will take you. Don’t trust anyone with your money, unless you’re willing to lose your money.

  7. Guilty of these. But Mr. Lloyd, in this industry, I'd have to say, we don't have to be 100% right all the time to win. Sometimes, we are only 50% right but we still get profit. Just learning the whole process and strategies along the way. It's really a matter of how much we can afford to lose, learn from it and grow from it. I am learning a lot from your videos so far…


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