Top 5 Huge Mistakes Stock Market beginners are Making in 2018


Today we do a stock market for beginners 2018 video in which we discuss huge mistakes beginners in the stock market make. New stock market investors need to avoid these huge mistakes now!
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  1. I’m doing a mistake #4 and I knew it was going to be on the list ☺️
    Thing is that this company is the actual reason I even got to the stock market in the first place.
    If you had a chance to buy Apple 10 years ago would you still try to diversify your portfolio or would you go all in?

  2. Made the 5th mistake,and fortunately, it didn't scare me away. Swing trading Amazon brought me back to even and more including the anticipated 25% tax bracket… figured out the emotion thing real fast, long, strong and diversified. Keep the videos coming bro'! I look forward to them everyday with my glass of wine after putting the baby to bed!

  3. I'm a newbie. And yes, I look for dividends, among others of course. I noticed you don't care about dividends at all. I think that's too much risk. For me, dividends are a hedge against a correction. You mentioned the other day your golf club stocks went down 16%. I have the same with Abbvie, it went down even further. We will both have to wait a couple of months until they come back to the surface. The difference is, I will still get a 4.1%, while your money is sitting there idle. During the market gyrations of the past weeks, I had the feeling dividend stocks were performing better; they showed more resistance to the downturn. Many people believe the market is not going up that much further. It may be time to be wary of growth stocks. Also, with dividends, there is a compounding effect. You can reinvest the extra bucks to boost your investments.

  4. Dividends are great but don’t invest into a stock JUST because of a dividend. Make sure it is a solid stock that you are investing in and believe in. The dividend is just a nice little bonus

  5. I hope this video is around in 2 or 3 years to see if im still doing any of these. Im guilty of a couple, but im learning.

  6. What's your intake on this: i work for a company that offers a employee stock program & will be an individual brokerage account should i buy through them or buy by my own account?? Just a question new to this guess thats why im here lol

  7. Great video, thank you so much for all of your teachings and enthusiasm… I’ve learned a great deal in a short time .

  8. Great stuff. I was literally guilty of all these at first.

    There is also the classic new investor question "what if I just buy a new stock everyday on their ex dividend date?"


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