Top 5 Mistakes Beginners in the Stock Market Make in 2018


Today we do a little stock market for beginners 2018 video! This video is about mistakes beginners make in the stock market. Enjoy!
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  1. My biggest mistake was buying what my adviser recommended without learning how to do my own research. My second biggest mistake was not being consistent throughout the years with saving and investing. Very good video Jeremy. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Quantum Computing, the next big step in computing. What do you think about looking into companies that are attempting to develop it? Such as IBM.

  3. You should build a google drive account to upload basic tools or links for us to follow when it comes to news from companies, tickets, mobile apps, etc etc…I find it hard to follow news about my investments on my phone

  4. It would be great if you made a video about key things too look for in a successful company (balance sheet, income statement etc.) as well as websites we can get this info from. I get mine from Bloomberg.

  5. Video on IZEA? you mentioned it a while ago and have not done a follow up video. It's up again at $1.12, coming up from around .85…that was a nice pump

  6. I just need another 2008 to come I pulled out all my money let it ride down then bought back in before the crash It actually started in the nov of 2007 Now that I got my house and everything paid for and a big nest egg sitting for a little pull back I would be good to go I’ve got 35 stocks waiting to pull back because they’re way over value right now and I’m going to buy the dip because they’re good solid companies with great balance sheets But they’re not worth what everybody’s pan with these damn ETFs and all this hype that’s pushing the companies way overvalued It’s just easier to swing trade for now

  7. Biggest mistake originally was having unrealistic expectations with returns. I expected ridiculously high returns and realized most people struggle to beat the S&P

  8. I like your videos, but i think you could provide a better benefit for the viewer by maybe cutting a bit down on the length of some videos.

  9. Awesome video! I trade stocks with robinhood on my YouTube channel and I street box aswell there ! I'm a very risky trader check me out!!!!!


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