Top 5 Mistakes beginners in the Stock Market make!


Top 5 mistakes beginners in the stock market make is the subject of this video. Beginners stock market mistakes are made and these 5 are the top ones. Stock market mistakes can be made by anyone but beginners make these 5 mistakes more often than advanced investors. After this video beginners in the stock market should know how to avoid these mistakes. Stock market for beginners is good for this video.

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  1. Your comment about any idiot can run the USA is a crap, you made yourself sounds like an idiot. Can an idiot know the 5 mistakes beginners in the Stock Market market? Are you better than any Presidents of the USA? Good tip by the way.

  2. Thank for very useful tips. They were very helpful as i'm new investor. I bought jd, alibaba, ferrari and amazon stock few months ago when their price were high, now all of them are dropping in price. To be honest i was in panic and wanted even sell back all of them, even though i bought them for long term investment. Any more recommendations you can give for ones like me? Thanks

  3. Can you talk about the diffetences of trading platforms like Robinhood vs a Charles Schwab? Obviously fees differ, but what are the key differences? Are there any substantial advantages or disadvantages of one over the other?

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  5. How do I find the reports and news on companies? How do I find all the financials and how do I find out about the CEO/ CFO and their track record? 🙂


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