Top 5 Tips for Investing in the Stock Market for Beginners


Do you want to know the best investing rules ? This video will provide you 5 tips for investing in the stock market, specifically for beginners.

We will learn the best investing rules in hindi to help you become a stock market expert

The 5 Golden Rules of investing are –
1. Invest for the long term
2. Do not sell your profit making Stocks
3. Do not participate in the stock market rush
4. Don’t investing on the basis of tips from friends
5. Stay alert for the stock market crash

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  1. I will Answer all your Stock market related questions tomorrow  Live on youtube.  Catch me live on Sunday, 21st January at 2:00 pm. Hope to meet you !

  2. sir please make a video on how cheap or expensive mkt is considering the factors like PE ratio and most importantly market cap to gdp n lot more hope u will consider my request .

  3. Hi Pranjal,
    I have recently subscribed to your channel. Your investment tips and examples are very helpful and easy to understand.
    Can you please make one video which will explain the key parameters to compare stocks from same industry.

  4. sir please tell is it infra stocks continue giving profit if we enter now (due to buget allocation)
    & one more question is there chances to shift nefty pe beyond 30 (31/ 32)


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