Warren Buffett – How to Be Successful in Stock Market Investing Even If You’re a Beginner


Do you want to know how to be successful in the stock market even if you’re a beginner?

In this video, you will learn from the Oracle of Omaha about his time at the Solomon Brothers as the top executive.

You will also learn from his answers to the questions of University of North Carolina about how to analyze companies and what his views are on financial reports.

This video contains valuable lessons that you can learn from if you want to know how to be successful in the stock market…even if you’re still a beginner.

Enjoy watching this video! 🙂



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Who is Warren Buffett?

Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930) is an American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world, and as of February 2017 is the second wealthiest person in the United States with a total net worth of $76.9 billion.

Born in Omaha, Buffet developed an interest in investing in his youth, eventually entering the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1947 before transferring and graduating from University of Nebraska–Lincoln. After graduating at 19, Buffet enrolled at Columbia Business School of Columbia University, learning and eventually creating his investment philosophy around a concept pioneered by Benjamin Graham–value investing. He attended New York Institute of Finance to specialize his economics background and soon after began various business partnerships, including one with Graham. After meeting Charlie Munger, Buffet created the Buffett Partnership. His firm would eventually acquire a textile manufacturing firm called Berkshire Hathaway and assume its name to create a diversified holding company.

Buffet has been the chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway since 1970, and his business exploits have had him referred to as the “Wizard”, “Oracle” or “Sage” of Omaha by global media outlets. He is noted for his adherence to value investing and for his personal frugality despite his immense wealth.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Buffett


  1. The best way to be successful is to be friends with the head of wallstreet and tickle him until he tells you the direction of the market each week, then sell puts until you make so much money that you are so bored with it that you buy other companies to lie to yourself that you made money by strategic investing and authentic risk taking like everyone else.
    Thats how I would do it. I have no idea how warren did it.


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