The top reasons why people lose money trading stocks in the stock market.
It’s said over 90% of all traders lose money in the stock market.
So how do we avoid the common mistakes people make when trading stocks?
First, buy low and sell high, a simple system, but not one many follows.
Most people buy when a stock rises instead of when it goes down for a quick bonus.
Second, don’t buy unsafe stocks and penny stocks, only go for safe companies.
Companies like Google, Amazon, Coke, Apple, and Microsoft are pretty safe stocks.
Third, trade for the long term not short term, for maximum profits from stocks.
Waiting out bear markets can bring your stocks into a bull market.
Fourth, only buy stocks you understand, on companies you use daily like Apple.
Don’t take huge risks with random companies, you won’t feel safe and panic sell.
Lastly, know when to sell, with safe stocks you can hold for many years to come.
With less safe stocks, sell if common sense tells you a company has nowhere to go.
If you’re a stock market beginner who’s new to the stock market, buy the S&P 500 index fund.
Recommended by Warren Buffett, a perfect safe stock for beginners to stocks.
Listen to these tips and you’ll make money in the stock market.
You have an advantage from professional stock traders who fail just by keeping cool.
This is the best way to invest in the stock market for beginners explained in basic terms.

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  1. Great video. I like the advice of buying low and selling high. Such a simple piece of advice, be greedy when others are fearful Warren Buffet would say!

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  2. I sold DIN on a Loss… (Because I thought It was Falling More) – No CEO at the time, their sales / rev was heading downwards… then I sold -$300….boom 2 months later CEO in place turning company around…Son of a..
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  3. Pretty good tips my friend! Investing in safe companies is great advice cause everyone knows and uses them! Long-term is the key and dips aren't bad, I love sales! haha Cool vid

  4. Great video, Monk. My biggest piece of advice for new stock investors is to STICK TO YOUR PLAN! There is always going to be "noise" out there on the next hottest stock. Ppl need to stick to their plan and execute it! Don't always fall for shiny object syndrome.

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  5. We love buying in times when a company is in a distressed state. We recently did a video about Canada's Home Capital Group, as an example. Making great money in it! Have a good weekend!

  6. I've started shifting to just stockpiling cash cause i was running light on cash for so long… If something happens i'll be ready to jump in

  7. Great advice put in the time do your research and have faith in yourself do this and you will do fine.

    – Investing and wealth building videos

  8. Actually that 90% statistic only applies to daytraders trading on margin – 90/90/90 rule – 90% of traders lose 90% of their money in the first 90 days.

    Makes me happy you're making videos again, I quit cause I had other duties but I'm actually starting a chat room on this new app called discord, maybe you can make a video about it, it's a relatively new way to make money. The way people do it is they sell invites, but I'm giving people a free trial in the meantime to get it set up a little bit. If you wanna check it out,

    here's my invite: https://discord.gg/fRdvZBG people from this YouTube video just message "Jockz" and I'll give you a special rank 😀

  9. Good video Monk. I see a lot of beginners make this mistake. Have confidence in your picks – if nothing fundamentally changes, why would you sell?
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