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Here’s how to make Baja Fish Tacos! This fried fish taco recipe packs so much flavor into every bite, so your family and friends will go crazy at your next dinner party! Get the recipe here:

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Filmed & Produced: Leonardo Samanamud
Hosted & Edited: Jennifer Phanomrat
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  1. I loved this recipe! I added a slice of avocado and I didn't use cilantro because I am personally not a fan…but overall, awesome recipe!

  2. GREAT VIDEO! I made these but with a few changes. I seasoned the fish with Blackend Redfish Magic seasoning, and I mixed the onion dip with some good quality Mexican Crema to make it more smooth for drizzling over the tacos. I also topped each tacos with some of the small canned Mexican salsa and they were really good. I think that cheap canned salsa really works well as its very smooth and some people want the flavor of the salsa but dont like the texture of chunky onions, tomatoes, etc. Plus the canned salsa has that smoky adobo & jalapeno flavor. Everyone that ate them raved about them. I attached links to the products I mentioned using.

  3. I really want to try this out but what can I substitute for the french onion dip to marinate fish?
    I can't find Dean's dip in Japan.

  4. I make fish tacos. I usually make my cabbage like a a "slaw". cabbage, a little bit of thinly sliced onion and lemon salt and pepper and mayo. might switch it up to using the dip. I add mango to my Pico. will definitely try this out… looks really good.

  5. So surprised to see you use Dean's dip. I used to know Mr Dean and his wife (really nice people). I'll have to try this in their memory!

  6. Fish Tacos taste better with crema Fresca or sour cream… Traditionally. But hey whatever taste good … I personally hate onion dip ..


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