Baja Fish Tacos Recipe | Big Night In


From the moment we all had these in LA from Ricky and his Fish Taco van we knew they had to become a Big Night In. The crispy battered fish, soft tacos, fresh pico de gallo and white sauce make for the perfect balance… and they’re fun to construct at the table. DIY food!

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  1. Of course you have to tilt when eating tacos. That's not a Ben thing, just common sense, otherwise you inevitably dump out all the good stuff. If you're going to take it straight from the front you have to roll it up, then you might as well just make it a burrito.

  2. Fish/Shrimp tacos like these, but without the pico de gallo, just a squeeze of lime and chipotle sauce aaahhhh, I was drooling while writting this

  3. How do you manage do eat tacos the way Jamie did?? He kind of shoved it in his mouth vertically. Ya gotta have the taco neck tilt!

  4. I made it and it was just delish. So fresh, so yummy and so easy to make. It literally took me 45 minutes to make it all. I followed the exact recipe. Thank you sorted!!

  5. I'd suggest changing your white sauce with fresh crema and habanero sauce to taste. Fresh tortillas and finely sliced cabbage, I think you'll be happy with the difference.


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