Basic How To Recipe for Taco Seasoned Chicken Breasts


Aren’t you always looking for quick and easy ways to season your chicken breasts so they have a different taste to them? Here is a way that you can fix it and use it for so many different recipes.


  1. Oh my God you sound just like Annie Potts in Corvette Summer!!!
    Please don't take offense to that I think it's very funny your voice is identical to that movie

  2. That was a very awesome cook Debbie.that chicken had nice a color to it and nice looking fried texture to the out side, awesome job.Iam not a salad guy ,but that would killer on a salad and everthing else. what kind of cooking device did you use and where can I get one ..Thanks

  3. The chicken looks very good! I have been using taco seasoning on a lot of things lately. Betty's Kitchen used it in meatloaf..that was good too. I can't seem to get enough Mexican food lately! lol

  4. Never done my chicken like this, but it really does seem like a versatile way to cook it.  I've never seen the taco seasoning in my stores, but will keep an eye out for it.  OHHHH, and Debbie, I made your cream of mushroom the other night,  Oh man it is so good, I covered some chicken cutlets with some and baked them about 40 mins, sooo good.  Still had enough to freeze 2 bags for later use.  Love it, thanks for sharing that one!


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