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Craving tacos but hungry for something better than Taco Bell? This week on Recipe Wars our chefs broke down classic roadside style chorizo taco recipes. Will Judith take the prize with her chorizo tacos by Emeril or will Lalita’s chorizo con papas tacos by Rick Bayless be the best? Either way, they’re sure to be delicious.

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Rick Bayless –
Emeril –

About Recipe Wars
Each week on Recipe Wars, we our expert chefs recreate famous versions of a signature dish from around the world. Whether it’s Martha Stewart’s predictably upper-crust rendition of a Spanish Tortilla or Richard Simmons’ Cobb Salad, our chefs duke it out and declare one celebrity cook’s recipe the victor.

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  1. Dear Lalita, Judith, Adrian, and BC,

    What are you nationalities?

    Sincerely, a fan

    P.S. Your show is amazing please make more!

  2. Nor do we claim that they're close to any of the delicious tacos we've eaten in Mexico. We're not saying that one recipe is the quintessential, 100 percent authentic chorizo taco recipe. We're just experimenting with recipes to see who did it best.

  3. We don't promise to make the best tacos ever. We just took 2 very popular recipes (since there are so many out there) and figured out which was better, so the folks at home don't waste time and money making something less than 100 percent delicious.

  4. Shaking it up's a good thing – you're all likable, knowledgeable and capable of a dish duke out (which is the purpose of these vids, right?). I think you all deserve epithets – if BC's "Informative Mohawk Guy" the rest of you need somewhat quirky descriptive phrases. 🙂

  5. That's a really good point. We're trained professionals, and a lot of times we forget to teach knife safety since it's so second nature to us. (right until someone chops their finger off)

  6. To those viewers at home: please watch your hands when popping out the avocado pit with a knife like that! Not everyone is a knife pro. I showed my sister this technique, but made a specific point to hold the avocado with a towel or a rag. Something for the knife to hit, not named your hand, just in case. Don't ruin a fun day in the kitchen with a pointless trip to the med center!

  7. The concept of the program is odd, but the execution is where you fail (so far). You're not creating recipes, so the purposes seem to be 1) a contest and 2) showing people how to make the recipes. You fall short on the contest part, because there are no judges, no audience of tasters; just chefs rating their own work (!). On the instructive part, you fall short because the inept camerwork fails to focus enough shots on the food during the process. Fix these 2 problems, and I think you're ok.


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