Breakfast Tacos Recipe


We’ve all had a go at recreating a recipe that we loved from #LostandHungry… This week it’s Barry and he offers up his version of breakfast tacos… Cheesy eggs, maple bacon, avocado and an awesome sweet and tangy balsamic glaze. Yeah, knew you’d be drooling by now!

Check out his recipe at:

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  1. Okay I️ know that different countries have different cultures and stuff but like… British scrambled eggs are pretty disgusting, like scrambled eggs should be fluffy and have chunky curds. Why would you guys willing eat mushy egg sauce for breakfast?

  2. this isn't the traditional way to prepare tacos, compared to actual tacos from México, but it's different and also looks tasty 🙂 los verdaderos tacos llevan carne, grasa y mucha mucha salsa (cilantro y cebolla también aplican)

  3. Has Barry made anymore egg recipes? Because that's EGGS-actly what I'm on the hunt for….

    Also, is it just me or are English scrambled eggs always creamy (I'm speaking from both observation and travel food experience)? If so, why does a typical US scrambled egg breakfast at a diner so different?


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