Cast Iron Cooking Ground Beef Taco Recipe


My how to cook ground beef taco recipe in a cast iron skillet is today’s cast iron cooking video. Ground turkey can also be substituted. For more skillet recipes please subscribe!

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  1. I enjoy your channel. Your videos are one of the main reasons I bought my first cast iron pan. I am enjoying cooking in it. Food tastes a lot better after being cooked in a cast iron pan.

  2. Let me also compliment you on the fact you don't use any weird hard to find ingredients and that's another reason why i watch your vids. easy to learn, easy to find ingredients. tganks for keeping it real

  3. cast-iron is the ONLY way to go, makes absolutely everything taste better, i like your vids, can't help thinking about Tommy Chong when i hear you commentary, and i mean that as a compliment, you keep it real & down to earth. Keep the cast-iron demo vids coming!


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